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How to understand adverse events following COVID-19 vaccination?

Topic How to understand adverse events following COVID-19 vaccination?
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COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in over 123 million cases with 2.6 million deaths globally. With non-pharmaceutical intervention, supported by testing, tracing and isolation, some success in curbing the pandemic has been achieved, but at a tremendous socio-economic cost.

Vaccines are perceived as a means to the end of the pandemic, Nevertheless, to reach global herd immunity is a remote goal due to vaccine accessibility and equity. Even for regions with resources to set whole population vaccination as the goal face multiple hurdles, including vaccine hesitancy driven by mistrust and adverse events following immunisation (AEFI), which will prevent the population from reaching herd immunity.

In this lecture, Prof YL LAU, Chairman of Scientific Committee on Vaccine Preventable Diseases, Centre for Health Protection will explore how to understand mistrust and AEFI, connect with the public, deal with own limitation, and plan for the future.


Date 13 April 2021
Organizer The Hong Kong Paediatric Society
Target Group

Professor Yu-Lung LAU, JP
Doris Zimmern Professor in Community Child Health
Chair Professor of Paediatrics, The University of Hong Kong

Scientific Committee on Vaccine Preventable Diseases
Centre for Health Protection, Department of Health



Published at 2021-07-16