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Workshop on Application of Molecular Diagnostics on Clinical Microbiology in Hong Kong

Topic Workshop on Application of Molecular Diagnostics on Clinical Microbiology in Hong Kong
Course Type Workshop

Please refer to Programme Outline

Date 20 March 2018 - 21 March 2018
Venue Lecture Theatre, G/F, Centre for Health Protection, 147C Argyle Street, Kowloon
Organizer Infectious Disease Control Training Centre, Hospital Authority/ Infection Control Branch, Centre for Health Protection, Specialty Advisory Groups (Infection Control), Hospital Authority and Chief Infection Control Officer’s Office, Hospital Authority
Target Group Medical staff of related specialties including Infectious Disease, Clinical Microbiology, Intensive Care Unit, Pathology, Paediatrics, Medicine, A&E, Public Health, Community Medicine and Family Medicine and other physicians who are interested in the subjects

Infection control nurses and other healthcare professionals who are involved in infection control

Laboratory related professionals who may be involved in the adoption of these latest developments
Topic Speaker
20 Mar
Novel & Emerging Technologies in Molecular Microbiology – diagnostic principles and practice Dr David PERSING
Molecular microbiology & public health Dr Robert LUO
Molecular Diagnosis of Drug Resistant Tuberculosis: Challenges and Opportunities Dr W C YAM
Recent Developments in Diagnosis of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis and non-tuberculosis mycobacterium Dr David PERSING
Recent Developments in Diagnosis of Hepatitis B and C Virus Dr Robert LUO
Basic Principles and Use of Bioinformatics for Analyses in Microbiology/Public Health Prof Margaret IP/ Dr Y K YEOH
21 Mar
Molecular Detection and Characterization and Point-of-care testing in HIV Dr Robert LUO
Molecular diagnosis of drug resistant tuberculosis : The role of next generation sequencing Dr Gilman SIU
Cloud-based data monitoring Dr David PERSING



Published at 2018-04-10