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The IMPACT Guidelines serve as an invaluable reference tool for medical and health professionals in reinforcing the appropriate use of antimicrobial drugs.

Antimicrobial resistance has reached alarming levels. IMPACT Guidelines recognises the dangers from antimicrobial resistance, the tremendous adverse effect it has on quality medical care and the need for a strong, co-ordinated and multifaceted response.

The IMPACT Guidelines combines the latest scientific evidence on usage of antimicrobial agents, empirical therapy of common infections, treatment of infections with known pathogen and surgical prophylaxis with data on the prevalence and sensitivity patterns of different pathogens in Hong Kong. It also contain practical tips on the safe use of antibiotics in out-patient settings, management of penicillin allergy and application of diagnostic tests on clinical microbiology.

感染控制易 HKeIC


HKeIC provides a mobile platform in infection control training. Users can use this app to learn proper ways of donning and removal of personal protective equipment(PPE), Infection Control (IC) Precautions, Hand Hygiene Techniques and Moments for Hand Hygiene.